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General Resources

[Editors Note: General Resources. If you are unfamiliar with basic music research, or are not quite certain what you are looking for, start with the largest scholarly library near you, a college, university, or a large city/county Library facility. Get to know the local resources that are available to you. A number of the following included reference links may help direct you to many of the more standard printed works found in most larger libraries. Many of the other Links will expand the range of materials that exist online for more expansive resources in some of the major scholarly institutions in and outside of the U.S. Make sure to ask your own local Reference Librarian on their local Interlibrary Loan Service, and policy for borrowing materials from other institutions! Remember most public institutions do not restrict access for reference research only. Please be respectful of their materials for future researchers. These few Links included here only scratch the surface of what is currently available in Music Research. Some databases may be restricted to the current paying institutions, or to their membership, and some others may not. Joining your local Library System may provide you with additional on-line access to various databases for free research. College students generally have access to the College on-lines services as part of your tuition fees. Enjoy your search for knowledge, and the understanding of the larger world.]

General Resources

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